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Sewer Lining Services in Charlotte, NC, and Surrounding Areas

Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas
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If you have an elderly plumbing system, cracked sewer pipe, or other damage to your plumbing, a trenchless sewer lining service from Next Level may be right for you. As an experienced plumber in Charlotte, NC, our cutting-edge trenchless technology will ensure your job is long-lasting, minimally invasive, and environmentally friendly.

We are confident that our sewer lining services are beneficial to residential and commercial properties alike. We proudly offer our sewer lining services to the following areas:

What does “trenchless” mean?

In the past, a large part of traditional plumbing methods involved having to dig a trench into the ground to reach and service each pipe section, unearthing large sections of your backyard or breaking up the concrete in your basement to do so. Today, trenchless technology means that only a small access point is required to reach and work with your pipe. This drastically reduces the time needed to complete your job, reduces mess and post-job clean-up, and eliminates hidden costs, such as new landscaping or freshly poured concrete. In addition, as your existing pipes stay in the ground both during and after your trenchless procedure, little to no material is sent to a landfill, reducing waste. This, coupled with the long lifespan of a sewer pipe lining, means that fewer services are required and less waste is produced over time. Trenchless is the way to go in terms of plumbing services in Charlotte, NC and all across the land.

Trenchless pipe lining: what’s so great about it?

First, a Next Level plumbing system engineer will pinpoint the location of your pipe’s damage and assess the health of the pipe using a sewer camera inspection. A small, high-definition camera is inserted into the access point, retrieving high-quality images and allowing your technician to “see” into your plumbing. If it’s decided that a sewer lining service is right for you, your plumbing will undergo a cleaning process to prepare your pipes to receive the liner. Hydro jetting is a deep-cleaning process that strips away caked-on kitchen grease, breaks down clogs, and can even eliminate most tree roots in your pipes. Now, the liner will cleave successfully to your pipe. After installation and a curing period of several hours, your brand-new sewer pipe is ready for use! Your new liner is made of a durable epoxy resin and has a lifespan of up to fifty years (more than ten years longer than any other pipe material on the market today). Sewer pipe liners can fit into curved, straight, and 90-degree angle pipes, and can be installed through your whole system or cut to fit specific sites. Their seamless construction is particularly helpful in repelling tree roots, which usually find their way into a sewer pipe via minute fissures in the pipe or through its fittings. With fittings “smoothed over,” and the epoxy not prone to cracking in the same way metal or plastic might, tree roots are unable to find purchase.

If you suspect that your property might need sewer lining or other sewer repair services, Next Level Pipe Lining has you covered. We also serve:

Take Your Plumbing Needs to the Next Level

Give us a call today if you’d like to order a sewer lining service, or would like to speak with one of our representatives for more information. Our highly trained, professional staff are ready to tackle your next project in North Carolina with efficiency and speed. We look forward to talking with you soon!

Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas
Call 980-355-2356 For Drain Cleaning & Sewer Repair
Call 980-355-2356
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