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Tree Roots In Your Sewer Pipe

Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas
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Are Tree Roots In Your Sewer Pipes?

In the greater Charlotte area, tree roots infesting faulty sewer lines are among the most common problems our team at Next Level Pipe Lining experiences in the area. While this may seem surprising, the sheer volume of trees in the area allows for these issues to arise more often than in other locations, and because of this, we are well-versed in fixing these problems effectively.

Tree roots are very difficult to stop once they have found their way inside a residential or commercial sewer system. With trees requiring sufficient quantities of water to survive, sewer pipes serve as a perfect, constant source of water for nearby trees, causing the roots to penetrate loose or misaligned joints frequently. Sewer pipelines become full of water every time water is drained down the pipes from toilets or sinks being used, encouraging tree roots to grow even more inside of the sewer pipes.

Tree roots in sewer pipe

Once the tree roots have gained access to the sewer pipes through cracks or joints in the pipes, their growth can cause what were once small cracks to expand and become massive problems. This is particularly problematic with trees that have large roots, as the size and volume of the roots can inhibit the flow of waste through the system and cause clogs to form. The pressure of the roots on the pipes can lead to problems such as backups and flooding, both of which need to be addressed quickly.

What Are The Signs Of Tree Roots In The Drain Pipes?

There are many symptoms of sewer line problems that can be attributed to the invasion of tree roots in residential and commercial pipes. Some of these key indicators can include:

  • The toilet drains slowly after it is flushed
  • The toilet makes gurgling sounds after it is flushed
  • Your place of residence or business is permeated with pungent sewer smells
  • Sewer flies appear in the bathroom or basement
  • The toilet experiences frequent backups or overflows

Call Next Level Pipe Lining To Remove The Tree Roots Out Of Your Charlotte Sewer Pipes Today

At Next Level Pipe Lining, we can help and possibly extend the life of sewer system before it sustains permanent damage. To do this, we offer sewer camera inspections, a service that allows our experts to insert a small but powerful HD camera inside of your pipes in order to identify cracks and tree roots. Once we have diagnosed the problem, we can clean out the sewer line and cut out the tree roots.

Depending on the condition of the pipe, this may only be a temporary fix. If the crack or joint itself isn’t fixed, the tree roots will simply grow back over time and create more problems later on. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, our epoxy pipe lining solutions allow us to rehabilitate the pipes from the inside and eliminate any further risks of tree roots invading the pipes. The epoxy pipe liners that we install are durable, and they are designed to resist many environmental problems including tree root growth.

If your drains stop functioning smoothly and you suspect that there are tree roots in the drain lines, contact our team of experts immediately at 980-355-2356, and we look forward to assisting you!

Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas
Call 980-355-2356 For Drain Cleaning & Sewer Repair
Call 980-355-2356