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Sewer Repair Raleigh, NC

Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas
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Next Level Pipe Lining brings new millennium sewer repair technology to residents and business in the Greater Raleigh area with our trenchless repair methods. We can restore or replace any pipe without the need for extensive excavation, dramatically cutting the time and cost of your sewer repair project.

How Traditional Sewer Repairs Are Conducted

Historically, sewer repairs were completed by large work crews with heavy equipment. Backhoes and bulldozers were hauled in to open the ground over the pipe so that the damaged section could be located. Once the problem was found, the faulty pipe was removed, and a new pipe installed in its place, then the dirt was pushed back into the trench to complete the repair.

While effective, this method came with some heavy consequences. The process took several days for a simple repair or weeks for a complex one, which meant that the homeowner or business dealt the dirt, noise, puddles, and general disruption for days on end. The cost of hiring equipment and labor for an extended period drove up the cost of the repair into the tens of thousands of dollars, especially when dealing with our tough North Carolina clay. Even after the repair was finished, the property owner was left with a large swatch of damaged landscaping, driveway or walkway that cost additional money to restore. It’s little surprise that a sewer failure is the problem owners most dread.

Fortunately, recent years have brought better technology in the form of trenchless sewer repair methods such as those offered by Next Level Pipe Lining. Instead of digging out the broken pipe, we can repair or replace the pipe underground. Our state-of-the-art tools and techniques can apply a repair through an opening as small as a built-in cleanout port, removing the need for heavy equipment completely, which allows us to preserve your home’s or business’s beautiful exterior and save you hundreds in restoration costs.

The New, Innovative Trenchless Approach To Sewer Pipe & Drain Line System Repairs In Raleigh

Next Level Pipe Lining’s trenchless sewer repair methods eliminate much of the worry and annoyance that typically accompany sewer repair. A typical repair takes just a day or two and can be completed with a small team of our expert technicians. The shortened timeframe and reduced work footprint cuts the cost of the project by as much as half, and the additional elimination of property restoration costs reduces the price ever further. Our trenchless techniques are also eco-friendly, eliminating mature tree destruction, soil erosion, and landfill waste concerns that usually accompany a sewer repair. For many homeowners and business managers, trenchless sewer repair is the obvious choice.

For most damaged sewer pipes, Next Level Pipe Lining can save the failing pipe with our innovative pipe lining solution. This method creates a new pipe inside of the old one that strengthens weakened areas and replaces sections that have deteriorated and formed gaps. To complete the repair, we insert a soft sleeve that is thickly coated in a strong epoxy resin. This sleeve is positioned in the pipe and inflated, which shapes the epoxy into a perfectly round tube pressed against the interior of the old pipe. The resin is allowed to cure for several hours until it hardens into a cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) that complete restores the damaged pipe to better-than-new condition. The CIPP is rustproof and anti-corrosion, repels tree root invasion, and withstands damage from storms and extreme heat or drought. A sewer line restored by Next Level Pipe Lining will last a half a century or longer.

When a pipe cannot be saved due to extensive collapse or displacement, we can remove and replace it without any major excavation using our pipe bursting technology. This advanced technique can install a brand-new pipe in place of the old one using a specialized pneumatic tool that requires only a very small hole at each end of the damaged pipe. Our skilled technician inserts the tool into the broken pipe and attaches a new HDPE pipe to the back of it. The tool pushes through the old pipe, breaking it apart while simultaneously pulling the new pipe into its place. The broken fragments of clay or metal pipe dissolve safely and harmlessly into the surrounding soil, eliminating landfill debris. Pipe bursting by Next level Pipe Lining is the preferred method for pipe replacement in the difficult-to-work soil in the Raleigh area.

What Are The Benefits Of No-Dig, Trenchless Solutions?

Next Level Pipe Lining’s trenchless sewer repair technology offers benefits in a wide variety of applications, including individual homes, multi-family housing communities, retail and professional commercial environments, healthcare facilities, and industry. We have tools and materials appropriate to any environment and are skilled at identifying the right solutions to restore your sewer line for long-term results. We will always recommend the solution that fully meets your needs in the most affordable way. We want every customer to feel that you’ve received the best value possible when you choose Next Level Pipe Lining. Individual homeowners can trust Next Level Pipe Lining for effective solutions that respect your budget while ensuring superior results. We understand the disruption that a sewer problem creates for your family, so we’ll do everything we can to work quickly and non-intrusively to make the repair process as painless as possible. We value our relationships with each homeowner, and we’ll work hard to ensure that you receive great service and reliable repair solutions when you turn to us for assistance.

Next Level Pipe Lining proudly serves the many multi-family housing communities throughout the Greater Raleigh area. In an apartment community, a broken or leaking sewer main could be a major problem, especially if sewage leaks into rental units and common areas. We can quickly repair a broken sewer line, reducing resident exposure to unpleasant odors, bio-waste, and other potential health issues. Often, we can complete a sewer repair before the tenants become fully aware of the problem, preventing resident dissatisfaction altogether.

How We Can Assist In Rehabilitating Commercial Sewer Systems

We are also experienced in serving clients in retail environments, including stand-alone business structures, storefronts in shopping centers, and even historic structures such as those in trendy downtown Raleigh. A trenchless sewer repair with Next Level Pipe Lining allows you to continue “business as usual” during even a major sewer repair. Your valuable customers can enjoy your store experience without disruption by blocked entrances, dirt, and noise, helping you maintain customer traffic and avoiding negative customer impressions that drive down repeat business and create poor online reviews.

Sewer repair solutions from Next Level Pipe Lining are particularly beneficial in professional settings, such as legal, financial, healthcare, and technical services where an appropriate environment must be maintained. Our low-hassle, non-invasive methods reduce the impact of repairs on productivity, ensuring that you can maintain a professional atmosphere for your clients and staff during the restoration project. In high-rise buildings, our pipe lining solutions can be used to restore vertical sewer drains as well.

Pipe lining and pipe bursting can also be used in industrial settings for sewer repair and industrial outflows. Next Level Pipe Lining has a wide selection of tools and materials that our experienced technicians can use to restore sewer flow without the need to shut down production areas to make room for repair. You can continue to operate normally during the repair process, reducing or eliminating any negative effects on production output.

Call Next Level Pipe Lining Today To Learn More About How Our Sewer Repairs Can Restore Residential & Commercial Pipes In Raleigh!

Next Level Pipe Lining is proud of offer premier sewer repair service to residents and business in Raleigh, NC. We have solutions for a wide variety of applications to provide the reliable results at the most affordable rates. Call us for your free project estimate!

Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas
Call 980-355-2356 For Drain Cleaning & Sewer Repair
Call 980-355-2356
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