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Drain Lining Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas
Call 980-355-2356 For Drain Cleaning & Sewer Repair

When you need reliable drain repair for your Charlotte, NC home or business, call Next Level Pipe Lining for fast, effective, low-hassle drain lining service. We can repair a damaged drain without excess damage to your home or business for a solution that saves you time and money.

How Does Drain Lining Work In North Carolina?

Next Level’s draining lining technology significantly reduces the impact of a leaking or damaged drain on your busy household or business’s daily activities. Replacing a faulty drain usually requires removal of plumbing fixtures, wall or floor areas, and large sections of pipe in order to make space to work during installation of the new pipe and connections. Drain lining can be completed through existing openings in the system, such as an easily accessible cleanout portal. This eliminates much of the damage and disturbance that usually accompanies a plumbing repair and turns it into an efficient, non-destructive process. We begin a drain lining procedure with a sewer camera inspection of the damaged pipe and surrounding fixtures. Our technology produces high definition video footage of the interior of the drain, which allows us to effectively isolate the issue for more precise correction. There is no wasted money or effort with Next Level’s superior drain cleaning technique.

After our technician has evaluated the situation, we’ll clean the inside of the drain pipe with hydro jetting, a modern method that uses carefully-calibrated, high-pressure water to entirely remove accumulated waste, mineral layers, and roots. This prepares the drain surface so that the lining will better adhere to it for longer-lasting, more effective results. We spend the time to ensure that every project is a success, so you won’t have to take additional time out of your busy schedule to deal with recurrent problems.

Once the pipe is fully prepared, we introduce the lining through the access point and position it in the pipe. The lining involves a soft, flexible sleeve covered in a layer of epoxy resin that is engineered to be elastic enough when wet to fully seal leaks and conform to the pipe, but strong enough when cured to last for over half a century. With the sleeve in place, it is inflated into a perfect cylinder that forms the epoxy into the new drain lining against the interior of the old drain, then it is held in place for several hours to allow time for it to cure, completing the process.

What Are The Benefits Of Sewer Drain Lining Services In Charlotte, NC?

Next Level has been providing drain lining service in the Charlotte area for several years, and our customers have enjoyed a wide array of benefits from this effective, innovative restoration process. Drain lining provides a smooth pipe surface that promotes improved waste flow and better sewer function.

The epoxy material is rustproof and corrosion-proof, and it resists environmental stress from extreme heat and periods of drought. Its seamless construction even repels tree roots and prevents leaks. Our drain lining technology outlasts other repair methods, reduces labor, and eliminates demolition, so our customers not only enjoy the 40% cost savings now, but for years to come.

Call Next Level Pipe Lining To Restore Your Drain Lines Today

Next Level Pipe Lining is a leader in drain lining technology in the Charlotte area, bringing efficient, affordable solutions to residents and businesses. We can repair your drain in a fraction of the time and cost of other providers. Call us today!

Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas
Call 980-355-2356 For Drain Cleaning & Sewer Repair
Call 980-355-2356
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