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Drain Lining Greensboro/Triad, NC

Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas
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Next Level Pipe Lining proudly brings state-of-the-art drain lining services to residents and businesses in the Gate City. Our Greensboro, NC customers enjoy the affordable, effective, no-hassle solutions that our premium technology provides, to solve your drain problem fast at a fraction of the cost.

Traditional Sewer Repairs Versus Trenchless Drain Lining in Greensboro, NC

Unlike traditional methods of drain repair that require excavation, Next Level’s drain lining repair technology restores damaged pipes underground. There is no need for large backhoes or huge work crews, so the process is much simpler but still fully effective. We can complete most repairs in as little as one day, keeping the impact on your household or business to a minimum. Modern drain lining is the low-hassle way to repair a leaking drain.

Drain lining is particularly important when dealing with the hard, red clay that makes up much of the soil composition in the Greensboro area. The clay is heavy and difficult to dig, which significantly increases the labor required for excavation. Drain lining eliminates all or most of the digging, usually requiring only a couple of small access holes at either end of the pipe, so labor hours are minimized for a faster and less costly project.

Another benefit to Next Level drain lining is the preservation of property features such as landscaping, hardscaping, drives, and walks. Because the process is completed below the ground, the plants and structures on the surface are left unharmed, which both facilitates the repair process and keeps costs down. It also ensures that your property maintains its beautiful appearance and your property value is unaffected by a major sewer failure. We can even preserve mature trees that grow above the drain lines, so your hundred-year-old magnolias and southern pines are safe from harm even during a large sewer restoration project. For many property owners, the number one reason to choose drain lining over dig-and-replace repairs is the cost savings. A more efficient process, preservation of property features, and elimination of costly post-repair restoration all combine to yield an average project savings of 40%. Trenchless drain lining is easier on your time and your wallet, making it the superior method for drain restoration in nearly every instance.

How The Sewer Pipe Drain Lining Process Works

To begin the process, Next Level will fully inspect the problem pipe to locate areas of damage. We then clean the interior of the pipe to prepare the surface for the lining material, an ultra-strong epoxy resin engineered to both seal leaks and restore damaged sections of pipe effectively. The epoxy is spread on a sleeve that is pulled into the pipe, then inflated with air or water to form a perfectly round cylinder. Over the next several hours, the resin cures to form the new pipe that is adhered to the inside of the old one but only reduces it a small fraction of an inch. After lining, drains move waste and water more quickly than when new and last for an additional fifty years or more. Drain Lining by Next Level Pipe Lining is the premier method of drain repair in beautiful, historic Greensboro, NC. We can return any drain to optimum function in just a matter of hours, for an easy, fast, and affordable solution to your drain problem. Call us today to learn more!

Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas
Call 980-355-2356 For Drain Cleaning & Sewer Repair
Call 980-355-2356
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