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How We Repair Pipe Clogs

Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas
Call 980-355-2356 For Drain Cleaning & Sewer Repair

Persistent clogs in your plumbing can range from being annoying to becoming the source of sewer emergencies. It can start small and innocuous enough, but develop into a huge problem if ignored. At Next Level, expert pipe technicians carry out the best course of action to restore sewer lines in the quickest possible time. We offer top-notch drain cleaning services to all customers throughout North Carolina and the surrounding areas. Our emergency services are reliably available even during the busiest holidays.

Inspecting Pipelines to Identify the Cause And Location of A Sewer Clog

At Next Level, we have the latest drain inspection tools and equipment, coupled with years of experience and knowledge. Our technicians first gather factual information before coming up with a diagnosis. We use high-tech CCTV cameras affixed to fiber optic lines to navigate through plumbing systems to accurately identify the nature of even the most stubborn clog. We obtain essential information regarding your sewer line, such as the depth, material and location of the issue.

This is done so we will have the proper measures and know which tool, equipment or service is right for the job. The inspection also serves as a precaution to see if there are any major plumbing problems such as large cracks, holes, pipe deterioration or bellied pipes that need to be addressed.

Using the Power of Water to Safely And Efficiently Clear Sewer Clogs in NC

At Next Level, we utilize the latest hydro jetting technology to bring the ultimate drain cleaning solution for clearing away clogs, blockages and debris buildup. Your sewer and drain system will be cleaned quickly and effectively when you call us to get this procedure.

Our technicians will set up our powerful drain cleaning machine and attach a multi-directional nozzle onto the hose, then safely blast highly pressurized water, removing the following:

Hair. One of the most common reasons for plumbing clogs and blockages. Hair can combine with sludge and other grease, leading to more accumulation and eventually cause backups and other pipe issues.

Soap. The fat in soap combines with water minerals, leaving a residue that sticks to the insides of your pipe.

Food Waste. Wastes that take a long time to dissolve or break down, such as coffee grounds and tea leaves should be disposed into the waste bin and not flushed down the drains.

Mineral Buildup or Calcification. Minerals in hard water can quickly become insoluble and block your drain lines.

Toilet Paper Buildup. Too much paper material can prevent your toilets from working properly.

After the hydro jetting procedure, your pipes will be rid of all dirt, debris and other accumulated materials. Moreover, the original pipe diameter will be restored, thereby improving flow as well. Blockage will be minimized given the now smooth interior of a new-like pipe.

Schedule Your Annual Drain Cleaning With Next Level Pipe Lining

Do you have an overflowing toilet, unexplained floodings and slow draining bath drains? It’s time for a drain cleaning that flushes out years of accumulated debris. Call us for professional drain cleaning and get total peace of mind knowing that you won’t be likely to experience plumbing emergencies when you least expect them.

Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas
Call 980-355-2356 For Drain Cleaning & Sewer Repair
Call 980-355-2356
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