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Sewer Pipe Cracks

Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas
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Metal pipes are strong and sturdy, but after decades of use the material can easily crack and develop holes due to constant contact with chemicals, water and corrosion.

When pipes break, the household or property can experience plumbing emergencies such as sewer backups, leaks and even flooding. When the seeping water makes contact with groundwater supplies, it could lead to water contamination. Ground movement can make a cracked pipe collapse and break, putting your sewer lines out of commission. All of these can cause long term structural issues and health problems.

At Next Level, our trained and experienced experts can keep your pipelines free of cracks and other common sewer problems using the latest equipment, tools and technology.

How Can You Know if Your Sewer Pipe is Cracked?

A surefire sign that there’s something wrong with your plumbing is when your fixtures start backing up. Here are other examples:

  • A Huge Water Bill. Water line leaks cause water to exit at the cracked points, which makes the meter run even if you’re not using water.

  • Strange Odors Coming From The Drains. A properly working sewer line is airtight, and unusual sewer-like smells can come from the basement. This means that the waste and sewage is not being properly drained out to the main sewer line.

  • Gurgling/Bubbling Noises. When using the toilet or the sink, you may come across bubbling noises as the wastewater empties out the drain. Blockages can cause air pockets to form in the pipes and produce the sound.

  • Blockages. Nearby roots from trees and shrubs may invade your plumbing and take up residence in the pipes for nourishment. As the roots grow they can choke or force the weak points to expand, leading to cracks, holes and eventual collapse.

  • Bright Green Yard Patches. Sewage is perfect for grass and other plants because it’s taken as fertilizer, which explains why you can have lush spots in your yard or lawn. Cracks can cause leakages in certain areas, effectively providing nourishment to nearby organisms.

Lining Pipes to Seal off Cracks and Prevent Future Leaks

At Next Level, our expert technicians use state-of-the-art scanning equipment using an HD camera affixed to a flexible line. We can determine the source and location of your sewer line problems in half the time it takes for traditional methods to complete. Crystal clear images are sent to a monitor located above ground to ensure 100% accuracy.

For minor cracks, our technicians recommend a good hydrojetting followed by pipe lining repair. For extensive damage, such as when roots have invaded or larger cracks or holes, we’d have to re-line the inside of your ailing pipe via a “sleeve” placed inside it. After the repair, the new material forms the inside pipe, effectively sealing the damage.

After just a few hours the new pipe will be ready for use. The stronger, durable material can withstand cracking, debris buildup, root intrusion while improving flow. It’s also estimated to last 50 years or more.

Call Next Level Pipe Lining for the Perfect Way to Repair a Pipe

Trenchless technology is the best choice for homeowners and business owners because it’s minimally invasive and only takes a few hours to be completed. There’s no need to dig a hole in your precious property, saving you time and money for the things that matter more.

Call us if you suspect sewer pipe cracks. We will arrive on time, find and fix your plumbing emergency ASAP.

Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas
Call 980-355-2356 For Drain Cleaning & Sewer Repair
Call 980-355-2356
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