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Clogged Drain Pipes

Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas
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Clogged Drain Pipes Primary

Any building, whether it is a residential, industrial, or retail structure, has many drain pipes. The sewer drain pipes remove wastewater from inside the building and drain down into a main sewer pipe under the building. This main sewer pipeline connects street side to the municipal wastewater infrastructure. Storm drains collect water from roofs and drain down to either the landscaping or to an underground lateral pipe that connects to the building’s sewer main pipeline.

When your Charlotte, North Carolina storm drains become clogged the water collects and pools on the rooftop, with nowhere to go except to seep into any imperfections in the roofing materials and down into the wooden framing of the building. Once wooden framing and drywall begin to collect moisture, dangerous mold can start to grow. These circumstances can evolve without any detectable outward signs, until water begins to pool inside the structure’s rooms. At this point, repairs to the structure can be very expensive.

When sewer drains become clogged, the building owner will begin to see symptoms such as soggy patches on the ground, slowly draining showers or tubs, or wastewater backing up into drains.

Drain Pipe Maintenance Inspection Scheduling Charlotte

Repairing a clogged drain can disrupt the daily workflow or home schedule, meaning the repair has to be performed as quickly as possible. This is why Next Level highly recommends putting your building on a maintenance inspection schedule. The inspection can be performed at your convenience and can remove buildup within a pipeline before any damages can occur.

Camera Inspections

We begin our work with a diagnostic camera inspection. A robotic camera is inserted into the drainpipe and sends video back to our technician. Any buildup of debris and the level of scaling is noted. Scaling is the naturally occurring depositing of minerals from the flowing water onto the interior of the pipeline wall. The scaling creates a rough surface that allows debris to collect along the pipeline wall.

Hydro Jetting

Based upon the results of the inspection, our technician may recommend a hydro jetting process to scrub clean the inside of the clogged drain pipe. Hydro jetting utilizes highly pressurized water and multi-directional water jetting nozzle to blast away any scaling or clogs. The process leaves a smooth and clean drain pipe interior wall.

A second camera inspection may be performed to check for cracks that were camouflaged by either snags or a large degree of scaling. Should a crack be located it can be easily and quickly repaired using our cured in place pipe (CIPP) lining method. A liner with an exterior coat of epoxy resin is inserted into the drainpipe. The liner is inflated and holds the resin against the interior drain pipe wall until the resin has dried and cured. This process generally requires about an hour. Once drying is complete the liner is removed and a smooth, durable interior drainpipe wall remains.

The maintenance inspection and possible crack repair can all be performed very quickly. Any concerns can be resolved prior to the building sustaining any expensive damage. Our Next Level expert team is ready to serve clients throughout the Charlotte, NC area and beyond. Contact us for a consultation today.

Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas
Call 980-355-2356 For Drain Cleaning & Sewer Repair
Call 980-355-2356
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