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The Local Expert for Sewer Repair in Concord, NC

Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas
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At Next Level Pipe Lining, our sewer repair services are designed to be completely effective for fixing various types of pipeline materials and ensuring that the results are long-lasting. The extent of the damage that can be found in sewer lines can be attributed to various causes, and our team is proud to provide our customers across Concord with solutions that are reliable and completely fix the problem.

What Sets Our Services Apart

Our services like our sewer line replacement and sewer line repair are employed with trenchless technology, ensuring that we don’t need to waste valuable time excavating trenches across homeowner’s properties for our work to begin. Instead, we make it our goal to utilize existing cleanouts or dig small, tactically placed holes to achieve improved results. Prior to any repair work, however, we diagnose the exact source of the problem through an interior inspection of the sewer lines. We insert our waterproof cameras into the sewer line and navigate them throughout the network, and as they are sent through the pipes, the footage is captured in real-time and relayed to our technicians for reference. This valuable insight into the pipeline ensures that the problems will be addressed.

Signs You Need Sewer Repairs

Sewer lines aren't pressurized, so it's not always clear when you may need sewer line replacement or repair. However, there are still some signs we recommend looking for that suggest it's time to give us a call about sewer repair. The main ones include:

  • Recurring or widespread drain problems
  • Unusual wet spots in your yard, or areas where there's more significant growth
  • Foul sewer-related odors
  • Damage to concrete slabs or your foundation
  • Odd noises when you use your drains

A Breakdown of The Process

Following our diagnosis, we will recommend the ideal solution as well as the estimated cost for the time we will need to complete the sewer repair in Concord, NC. Our sewer pipe line repair jobs incorporate trenchless technology, making it possible for us to repair any damage and other complications without digging a single trench on your property. Because of this, we save time from these extensive, laborious processes of digging trenches and manage our time to prepare the pipe for any repair services required. This includes cleaning the pipe of waste and other complications by employing hydro jetting services, a cleaning process in which we insert a hose and blast the water at high-pressure speed and force into the sewer line directly. The force and heat of the water thoroughly remove waste. The hydro jetting equipment allows us to ensure that the trenchless pipe lining will be completely effective.

The sewer repair process involves building a new, epoxy-based pipe within the interior of the former pipe. A liner is inserted into the pipeline and positioned so that, once it is inflated, the damaged areas are discovered in our initial inspection. The liner is expanded and pressed against the inner walls of the pipe, transferring the epoxy resin that coats the liner onto the walls instead. After the epoxy resin has been evenly applied, the liner is deflated and removed from the pipe, and for the next several hours, the epoxy resin is given time to cure and harden against the interior of the pipe. Once the resin hardens, it effectively eliminates any seals or fissures present within the old pipe while offering a new, incredibly strong and durable lining that is smooth and will encourage efficient water flow. With a predicted lifespan of fifty years or more with proper maintenance and care, we can guarantee a long-lasting, high-quality product. You have our word as a trusted trenchless contractor in Concord, NC.

Why Hire a Professional for Sewer Repairs?

Sewer pipe line repair isn't something you want to tackle yourself due to the many steps involved with addressing such issues. It's also a problem best-taken care of sooner rather than later. By hiring a professional from Next Level Pipe Lining for sewer repairs, you'll benefit from our local experience and resources.

Hiring our pipe lining company as soon as signs of a problem are spotted also means you may be able to avoid the need to replace sewer line pipes entirely. We offer highly efficient trenchless pipe repair options that can restore the existing pipe without significant disruptions as long as conditions are suitable. You ultimately benefit by saving time and money while still getting the expected results.

Next Level Pipe Lining also offers the following services in the local area:

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To learn more about how Next Level Pipe Lining can help you replace sewer line, call our team today or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment with us. We are looking forward to working with you. We provide sewer repair services in the following areas:

Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas
Call 980-355-2356 For Drain Cleaning & Sewer Repair
Call 980-355-2356