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Rooter Services in Charlotte, NC, and Surrounding Areas

Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas
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What is Rooter Service Sewer Repair

Sewer repairs and replacements are foreign to owners of homes and businesses if it is their first time dealing with it. The first major fix or repair can feel overwhelming and frustrating to deal with but when your sewer lines or drains are acting up, waiting is not an option. And, often, it’s a requirement to make a quick decision due to a sewer emergency as plumbing and drainage systems are critical to the functionality of any establishment.

Next Level Pipe Lining is proud to be the go-to plumber in Charlotte, NC, and we are proud to be serving the following locations.

The worst thing anyone can do is neglect their systems. This will lead to issues that will most likely leave you making a costly emergency call to the plumber. When routine maintenance and regular inspections take place, it will prolong your sewer system’s life and allow it to work to its full potential for as long as possible. Not only do people tend to not know about this benefit, but those who do know fear the costs involved and the impact that it will have on their day-to-day lives or workplace environment. What many people don’t realize is that there is a growing trend in the plumbing industry called trenchless sewer repairs - and the best professionals across the country are utilizing it to fix every kind of sewer problem and to perform many types of plumbing services in Charlotte, NC and all across this great nation.

Here at Next Level Pipe Lining, we are equipped with the tools and knowledge to perform everything from the most extensive projects to simple routine cleanings and inspections using trenchless technologies. We offer rooter services that range from high-pressure water cleaning to traditional drain snakes, all without digging up your property. Rooter services are the use of various methods and tools to clear out your drainage system to make it functional again. If you’re located in the Charlotte, Raleigh, Gastonia, or Greensboro, NC, areas, Next Level Pipe Lining is ready to provide you with the service that you need to clean, inspect, repair, or replace your pipes and sewer system. We offer the most advanced options in rooter services to care for your pipes.

Next Level Pipe Lining is equipped to deal with any type of pipe lining and sewer problem you might encounter. We proudly offer our services to several other locations, including:

How do you know it’s time for a cleaning, repair, or replacement?

Sometimes, it’s not a clear sign that you need maintenance performed on your drainage system. Things might appear to be fine from the outside. Water isn’t overflowing anywhere, your sinks are draining, and there are no noticeable leaks. But if more attention is given to our water-specific areas of the home, we may be surprised at what we notice. There are a few signs that will almost always worsen over time and become more obvious, but they can be spotted in their early stages to prevent escalation.

If you hear gurgling sounds coming from your drains after the water clears through, it may mean there is a blockage building up within your pipes. Is there a foul odor coming from the drains? That means that they definitely are due for a cleaning as grime and buildup can cause some seriously stinky smells. Just because water is draining fully doesn’t mean it’s draining properly. If water sticks around in the tub or sink for a while and is draining slowly, there is probably an underlying issue such as a clog down beneath the drain and deeper in the pipes.

Obviously there are the emergency calls for clear signs of an issue such as sewage backup in a yard, overflowing toilets, leaking faucets, or spraying water from a pipe. In such instances, be careful in what you handle yourself before a professional gets onsite. There are many hazards to water leaks and issues that people don’t think about because they are so focused on the water itself. Things to be careful of are electrical issues or electrocution from water getting too close to outlets, wires, or lighting. There is also the danger of coming in contact with toxins that lie within sewage that could be overflowing into your house or yard. It’s important to contact a professional as soon as you notice a problem to ensure your safety.

Sewer Camera Inspections

Don’t let the need for a sewer cleaning or maintenance be a surprise to you. Here at Next Level Pipe Lining, we offer sewer camera inspections to residents throughout North Carolina. This process is done using a camera head attached to a flexible line that maneuvers through the inside of your pipes. By accessing the inside of the pipes through a pre-existing access point, our technicians are able to push the line through your pipes without digging up your property. The camera captures high-definition images and video that feeds through to the technician during the process. This footage shows all parts of the pipes and can pick up how dirty the pipes are, if there is any damage to the pipes, the overall condition, and any leaks, cracks, or holes in the line. Note that a sewer camera inspection should only be carried out by a professional.

This inspection also helps plumbers learn the flow of the pipes and how they turn and the path they take. If there is an issue, we are able to pinpoint its exact location for repairs and fixes, saving a huge amount of time playing a guessing game of where a leak may be coming from. It also helps for replacement purposes and knowing what to expect during that process as well.

Preventative Care

During our inspections, we are able to determine how often your pipes should be cleaned. This is judged off the amount of buildup and grime that is within the pipes compared to the last time you had a cleaning done. Cleanings and inspections being done regularly are critical to your pipeline’s lifespan. But why?

Sewer cleanings will save you money both now and later. During cleanings, the inside of your pipes are stripped of toxic layers of corrosion and buildup that over time eat away at your pipes and cause decay, breakage, and rusting of the pipes. By removing this layer, it creates free-flowing space for the water and debris that passes through. By widening the pipes when the layers are removed, objects are less likely to get stuck, which decreases the risk of clogs and the need to call a professional to help.

Inspections provide preventative maintenance so issues don’t get worse. If there is a leak that you don’t know about yet, our sewer camera inspections will find it. Instead of you finding out about a leak because it grew and is now causing issues to your waterflow or drainage, we find it in its early stages and repair it. The fix takes less effort and is cheaper opposed to a fix of a breakage in a pipe due to a lack of attention.

With knowing the importance of inspections and rooter cleaning services, what options are available? That’s where the trenchless technologies come into play. We offer a variety of services to get the job done right the first time with less stress, less labor, less equipment, better outcomes, and better benefits. What sounds too good to be true is a very real thing, and it’s taking over the rooter servicing options of the industry.

Trenchless Rooter Services in Charlotte, Raleigh, Gastonia, and Greensboro, NC Trenchless sewer repairs are the use of state-of-the-art technologies to clean, inspect, repair, and replace sewer pipes and drainage systems throughout North Carolina. There are many different options and it’s important to know that there is something to meet nearly every repair need. But why opt for trenchless options over traditional excavation repairs?

They Are Environmentally Friendly

Traditional repair and replacement services required extensive work. Plumbing companies need to come to the property and perform an excavation to reach the pipes directly. This allows them to do complete repairs to a specific area, clean off the pipes and remove foreign objects such as tree branches, or perform total replacements of the pipes by removing the old ones and replacing them with new. Excavations are damaging to the environment for multiple reasons. One big reason is air pollution. Heavy machinery is required to be used for extensive amounts of time. This equipment can consist of machines as large as backhoes, tractors, and dump trucks. During the process, it was also unfortunate that, regardless of what was above the pipes, it had to be dug up to get to them. That included bushes, gardens, trees, or even front porches and walls within a home. Nothing was exempt from the possibility of being dug up when it came to excavations.

With trenchless options, everything is done with minimal to no digging at all. Using access points that already exist in the drainage system, technicians are able to access the inside of the pipes and perform all the maintenance through that same point. So when we leave your property after the project is finished, it looks just the way it did before we started. No time spent waiting for the grass to regrow or for you to have to replant your beautiful garden.

They Are Cost-Effective

Do you know what less machinery, less labor, and less time spent means? A major cut in prices! Trenchless is a cost-effective solution for more reasons than one. A major reason is the fraction of the time it takes to complete the process. While traditional excavations can take days just to get to pipes to clean them, trenchless options are done in as little as one day with minimal interruption to your day-to-day life. It’s also a great investment because instead of targeting just one portion of the pipes, your entire system is serviced at one time. If we’re doing a cleaning, we are able to clean the entire system and not just one spot where a blockage may be.

Trenchless Cleaning Options

Now you know the incentives. So what sewer repair and cleaning services are available to address your issues?

Hydro Jetting

It sounds a bit odd to use water to clean areas that carry water and liquids on a daily basis, but this is more than a quick rinse of the pipes. Hydro jetting is the use of highly-pressurized water that blasts through a specialized nozzle and allows water to power out in all directions, hitting every part of the pipes. When we say high-pressurized water, we mean it - in hydro jetting water blasts at 4000 PSI. This is strong enough to cut through intruding tree branches like a knife. As the nozzle is pushed through the drain, it slices through all the grime, buildup, and any blockages that stand in the way. The great thing about this is that is gives a deep cleaning to the pipes and simply washes the waste away down the drain as it goes along for a smooth process. Afterward, your pipes are restored to new and stripped down to their original state. Using this method regularly to clean your system will allow your pipes to thrive for years to come.

Drain Snake

Drain Snake cleaning is a great option for those not-so-tough clogs or blockages that are becoming a pest to your system. It’s possible to still have a blockage after a thorough cleaning. Hair, paper products, food particles, and grease can all cause blockages if flushed in larger quantities. While it’s easy to say, “Be cautious of what you flush or rinse down the drain,” it can be much less easy to stick to consistently. Sometimes, accidents happen, especially with little ones who “experiment” with the drains, toilets, and tubs. While a total hydro jetting wash isn’t needed, the drain snake can remove the source of the clog easily and effectively. The snake is a flexible hose with a sharp nozzle on the edge that is used to break and cut through blockages to push or pull them through the system and out of the pipes, clearing the path for waterflow.

Call Next Level Pipe Lining for Your Rooter Service Needs!

Plumbing is a service that needs to be handled with care from the very first. Making a sound plumbing investment could mean decades of stability for your family or office. Being preventative is a key factor in your pipe’s fully functioning properly, and having regular rooter services and routine inspections will keep an open relationship with your plumbers, allowing the professionals to keep an eye on any concerning issues with your system, and preventing you from needing to make an emergency call for things that could have easily been prevented. Next Level Pipe Lining uses trenchless technologies for services ranging from simple cleanings to as total replacements. We’re ready to take your plumbing experience to the next level. Give us a call today for your rooter service needs in North Carolina!

Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas
Call 980-355-2356 For Drain Cleaning & Sewer Repair
Call 980-355-2356
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