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FAQ Homeowners Have About Sewer Inspections

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Residential sewer inspection

If you're a homeowner, you would need professional sewer camera inspection services in Concord, NC, at some point. Prompt inspections are key to preventing serious leaks and water damage, and can even help prevent some sewer issues. As experts in sewer inspections, Next Level Pipe Lining answers some of the frequently asked questions about this service to help you understand what to expect from our professionals:

What Is A Sewer Camera Inspection?

A sewer inspection allows homeowners to see what's happening inside their sewer lines. A sewer camera is a flexible wire with a camera on its end sent through the sewer line to capture inside footage. This footage can assist our team in identifying potential problems with sewer lines and repairing them before they cause major damage.

How Often Should I Have A Sewer Camera Inspection Done On My Home?

Most homeowners should have a drain inspection done at least once a year. However, if you are experiencing drainage issues, you should have it inspected more frequently. It is best to have an expert pipe lining company perform the inspection because they will be able to identify any potential issues and recommend the best course of action.

What Do You Look for During the Inspection Process?

Our technician will look for any flaws in the pipe, such as cracks, leaks, or corrosion. They will also inspect the pipe's alignment and grade to ensure it is draining properly. If our expert discovers any issues during the pipe inspection, they will recommend solutions to correct them.

Does Homeowners Insurance cover Sewer Line Damage and Repair?

Most homeowners' insurance typically does not cover damage to sewer lines. However, some policies may only cover certain types of damage. It is critical to check with your insurance company to see if you get covered in case of a sewer line break. The repairs will most likely be your responsibility if you are not covered.

If you have any other questions about plumbing inspection or would like to schedule one for your home, contact Next Level Pipe Lining today. We are happy to help homeowners understand what gets involved in this important process and make sure that their sewer system is in good condition.

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Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas
Call 980-355-2356 For Drain Cleaning & Sewer Repair
Call 980-355-2356