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Common Misconceptions About Trenchless Solutions

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Trenchless equipment or epoxy liner

Trenchless pipe lining is a simple and efficient approach to repairing a damaged sewer system. Unlike traditional methods of repair, it doesn't need intrusive procedures to carry out. Despite this, trenchless pipe lining is still disputed. Persistent misconceptions and fallacies regarding trenchless sewer repair confuse many homeowners. At Next Level Pipe Lining, we provide quality trenchless pipe lining in Charlotte, NC, and can help clear up any misconceptions about this service:

1. Trenchless Solutions are Expensive

While trenchless repair and replacement may cost more upfront, they are more cost-efficient and affordable in the long run. In comparison, traditional pipe repair and replacement costs often end up greater due to the time and labor required to perform the job. Plus, homeowners have to spend to restore their lawn once the repairs are completed.

2. Trenchless Repairs Won’t Offer Long-Term Solutions

False claims have been made concerning the longevity of CIPP pipe lining. Trenchless sewer repair and replacement are durable and long-lasting, as they use high-quality materials that can last for years.

3. Trenchless Pipe Repair Is Unproven

Since trenchless pipe repair is new, some homeowners believe that it is not as effective as traditional solutions. However, numerous case studies and customer reviews show that sewer pipe lining effectively fixes broken sewage lines in commercial and residential buildings.

4. Trenchless Pipe Lining Does Not Involve Digging

There is a common misunderstanding that trenchless pipe lining never necessitates digging. As it turns out, there are times when digging is essential. In certain circumstances digging is required. Some projects by pipe lining companies need holes at the pipe's start and finish. However, property owners shouldn't be alarmed since any digging would be minor.

To learn more about cast iron pipe lining and how it can benefit your home, get in touch with the specialists at Next Level Pipe Lining. Schedule an appointment today!

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Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas
Call 980-355-2356 For Drain Cleaning & Sewer Repair
Call 980-355-2356