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Common Issues Found During a Sewer Pipe Inspection

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In most cases, drainage issues often go undetected until they have caused extensive damage to your home. Sewer lines require as much maintenance and attention as other parts of your home, but most homeowners tend to overlook them and dismiss minor issues until they start to affect their day-to-day. By this time, however, you will be faced with costly repairs. Next Level Pipe Lining shares some common problems we encounter during sewer camera inspection services in Charlotte, NC that are best dealt with right away.

1.  Sagging areas

A belly or a sag is a sewer issue that arises when debris collects in low points and impedes water flow within the sewer system, resulting in clogged drains or sewer backup. A belly in your drainage system might have occurred due to a poor sewer layout or the impacts of adverse events such as shifting soil or tree roots. Since a belly is a common pipe inspection issue, little bellies in standing water don't always require repair. Your sewer scope professional will inform you if a sag is sloped enough to necessitate action.

2.  Grease buildup

A grease buildup can occur due to the improper use of garbage disposals. While the oil substances cannot dissolve in water, they tend to stick inside the pipes, forming clogs. When your sewer scope technician finds grease buildup during drain inspection, they may recommend a jet cleaning.

3.  Cracks

Technicians usually find pipe cracks in cast iron and clay lines during a plumbing inspection. Pressure on the pipes can lead to cracks around fittings and other sections. If you find the crack on the bottom side of the pipe, add a liner to the line to minimize sewage leakage into your ward. Leaks can result in further settlement of the drainage system.

For exceptional sewer inspection and repair services, contact Next Level Pipe Lining and schedule an appointment today.

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Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas
Call 980-355-2356 For Drain Cleaning & Sewer Repair
Call 980-355-2356