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An Overview of Trenchless Technology

Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas
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An Overview of Trenchless Technology

Trenchless pipe lining in Charlotte, NC is a method of pipe repair we offer at Next Level Pipe Lining. This repair solution is often the preferred alternative to traditional dig-and-replace methods, as it can be done much faster and more efficiently. Trenchless methods are also more cost-effective than traditional repairs, as these do not require the need for expensive digging equipment or a large crew to carry out the repairs. 

If you’re interested in learning more about trenchless solutions and how it can benefit you, we discuss more below:

Sewer Camera Inspection

Every trenchless job starts with a sewer camera inspection. This is an effective way to gain a full understanding of a pipeline’s interior. It starts at the pipeline’s access point and involves a camera that navigates on a flexible cable and sends back real-time images of the pipe’s interior. Pipe lining companies use sewer inspections to determine the best course of action when it comes to repair. 

Kinds of Trenchless Repairs

Sewer pipe lining is one of the more commonly used trenchless technologies. It involves inserting a textile liner impregnated with an epoxy-resin mixture into the pipeline. Through air pressure, the liner expands to match the pipeline’s interior and hardens as a new and durable second pipe.

On the other hand, CIPP pipe lining, which stands for cured-in-place pipe, is a technique that will effectively remedy any defect, separation or leak and present a root-resistant barrier that can last as many as 50 years.

Problems That Require Trenchless Solutions 

Pipe lining is ideal for the vent stacks that manage airflow and direct wastewater in a home’s sewer system. Older stacks are not uncommonly made of iron, clay or ceramic, which will wear down and result in flooding and leaks. Trenchless pipe lining is also an effective way to deal with slow drains, water pooling and odors related to vent stacks.

Next Level Pipe Lining is a trusted local expert in cast iron pipe lining and can provide you with quality solutions. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas
Call 980-355-2356 For Drain Cleaning & Sewer Repair

Call 980-355-2356