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Different Pipe Materials and Their Advantages

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PVC pipes

If you need to replace sewer line in Charlotte, NC, there are several pipe materials to consider. Copper pipes are commonly used. Copper pipes can be rigid, which is used throughout homes and to supply water, and flexible tubing that is used in tight spaces and where the flexibility is required. It's long-lasting, antibacterial, recyclable, and withstands temperature change well. However, it costs more than other types of piping.

Remember that indoor pipes use different materials than sewer pipe line repair in Charlotte, NC .Galvanized steel is no longer as common as it once was for piping, but many homes may still have galvanized pipes. These pipes were coated in zinc to prevent rust, but rust could still build up over time. Galvanized pipes have a relatively short lifespan -- between 20 and 50 years -- and can become unsafe if lead leaches into the pipes. Galvanized pipes are also prone to clogs and heavy. 

PVC pipes that work well for water supply and drainage and may be used for sewer line repair in Charlotte, NC. These pipes are available in various thicknesses. They last a long time, can handle pressure, are light, and are affordable when compared to copper. However, PVC pipes can warp over time, and their fittings can be bulky. Similar to PVC, CPVC can better handle hot water due to chlorination. This is only for indoor use and more expensive than PVC.

PEX pipes use a plastic that is flexible and easy to cut and join together. It won't rust or corrode, can tolerate extreme temperatures, and is affordable. PEX is best for indoor use, so it's not appropriate for sewer line replacement in Charlotte, NC, and can affect the taste and smell of water.

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Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas
Call 980-355-2356 For Drain Cleaning & Sewer Repair
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